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Please note this handbook may be out of date. For an up to date copy please email the group owner.

This is Leeds Freegle, our local recycling group, part of Freegle.

Free Giving, Locally, Easily
Waste Not Want Not

What is Freegle?

Freegle is an online group for reusing your unwanted items. When you have something you no longer have room for or no longer need, but it still has some usable life in it, Freegle helps you to give it away to someone who wants it, will come and collect it from you and will say "thank you". Don't bin it or take it to the tip, Freegle it!

So for instance if you have a washing machine you no longer need. Simply join your local group then post an 'offer' message accurately describing your washing machine. Your message is sent out to group members and interested members reply to your message individually. You arrange a mutually convenient time for your fellow member to call round and pick the washing machine up. How easy is that!

To help you get the best out of your group please read the pointers below.

The dos and don'ts

Let's get the "please don't" stuff out of the way first, there are really not so many.

Please don't:

  1. Please do not ask for or offer money for stuff. All items must be completely free.
  2. Please do not ask to borrow or swap items.
  3. Please do not offer or ask for anything illegal.
  4. Please keep politics, religion, proselytizing, rudeness or personal attacks on other members out of your Freegle messages.
  5. Please do not give out personal information like your phone number or address on the group list. We ask this out of concern for your personal safety.
  6. Please do not send SPAM; "referral links", "invitations to join" and so on are all viewed as spam on Freegle. Respect the groups and your fellow members' email addresses, they are not there as a useful reference. Spam Freegle and you risk being instantly banned.
  7. Please do not ask for the same thing more often than once in 30 days and do not send more than 3 WANTED messages in 30 days.
  8. Please do not offer the same thing more often than once a day.
  9. Please do not post messages for pets.
  10. Please do not delete your old messages from the site.

See? Not so many.

Now for the "please do" stuff:

  1. Be polite in your messages to other group members. If something happens you object to, please email your group moderators on leedsfreegle-owner@yahoogroups.com . Don't forget that if you don't tell us something is going wrong, then we'll find it hard to help.
  2. Please keep your message subject lines simple. Do you have something to OFFER or is there something you WANT? Say which it is, then what your item is, clock, bike etc. then PLEASE add the first part of your postcode at the end of the subject line in brackets, even if you want something so badly that you are willing to travel miles to collect it. Other group members want to know where YOU ARE before they give you something for free. Tell them, it isn't a big ask. Remember:



    If this sounds a bit complicated, why not use Freegle Direct?

  3. Please turn up to collect when you say you will or call before the agreed time to re-arrange if you have to change your plans.
  4. If you get stuck, please email the moderators.

Are you thinking of selling things obtained on the group?

Our main objective is to keep things out of landfill. If you're planning to sell items you get on this group then that is fine AS LONG AS YOU ARE HONEST ABOUT IT and mention in your emails and messages that you are planing to sell the items on. If you are discovered breaking this rule then you may be banned.

Is your inbox being swamped with messages?

Don't Panic! And please don't leave Freegle because of it. Try setting your group membership to Daily Digest and get three or four (long) emails a day containing several messages each. You can edit your membership by clicking on the "edit membership" link near the top left of the page, just above the thick bar with the group name in it. The edit membership link is very small and usually pale blue, so you might need to hunt for it a bit. The email selector is "Step 2. Message Delivery" on the edit membership page.

Don't forget your moderating team is here to help. Send us an email if you would like help with anything.

Most importantly, have lots of fun Freegling.

Leeds Freegle moderating team

DISCLAIMER: Freegle puts people who have unwanted items in touch with people who want those items. Because of how it works, Freegle never sees or checks items and they may not be in working order. Posting an advert or responding to an advert does not guarantee you will be able to get rid of unwanted items or get the items you want. Any agreement you reach about any items will be between the person requesting or advertising items and you. It is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaking any laws in offering or getting goods through Freegle.

SAFETY NOTICE: Members of this group use it entirely at their own risk. Please take all reasonable measures to protect yourself and your family's safety and privacy when posting to the list or collecting an item.